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Flexible Shaft Motors Handpieces & Hangars

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Great alternative to the hanging flexi shaft motor. Much faster anymore accurate.

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Melting Furnace Ingot Molds

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Gravograph Engraving Machines

The history of Gravograph, global leader in engraving and cutting solutions and engraving materials

Gravograph has been the global benchmark in the field of mechanical and laser engraving for more than 75 years.
Our expertise as leader enables us to develop engraving machines and mechanical and laser cutting machines, accessories, software and engraving materials and to offer training, advice and technical support.

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More than 75 years of expertise

An international leader and historical pioneer, Gravograph offers its clients unique, turnkey solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
The history of Gravograph starts in 1938 with the creation of New Hermes by Robert SCHIMMEL and the invention of the first pantograph. Find out more about the key developmental moments within Gravograph through some dates:
1950: birth of the Gravograph group in partnership with the New Hermes Inc. company
1966: first two-tone material for engraving
1986: marketing of the first computer-assisted machine manufactured by Gravograph (VX range)
1993: international development with new subsidiaries
1996: Gravostyle: first engraving software to run on Windows developed by Gravograph
2000: launch of the 1000 XP series. 50th anniversary of Gravograph
2008: the Gravotech group is created and regrouped into the brands Gravograph, Type3, Technifor and Propen
Gravograph develops mechanical and laser engraving machines adapted to all kinds of needs and a wide range of dedicated accessories and software. The brand also has a catalogue of several thousand materials and objects for engraving or personalising for indoor and outdoor use (metals, plastics, layered materials).
When designing and manufacturing specific solutions, Gravograph has truly asserted engraving as the marking technology of choice. We offer our clients solutions that are perfectly adapted to commercial, institutional and industrial applications, be this in the context of personalisation, signage or industrial marking. These systems are distributed to a very large number of clients via our marketing network (subsidiaries or distributors).
Our expertise as leader enables us to develop:
Mechanical machines
Laser solutions
Engraving materials
Offer tailored training and technical support.
Gravograph also has a catalogue of several thousand materials and objects for engraving or personalising for indoor and outdoor use (metals, plastics, layered materials).
A comprehensive, custom-made and global range

Close to its clients and attentive to their individual problems, Gravograph supports them in their business by offering training and permanent technical support worldwide.
As a result of our systematic research into the best technology, Gravograph equipment is synonymous with high production quality and simple and very rapid use.
This long tradition of quality combined with a willingness to provide our clients with a global solution including software, consumables and services makes Gravograph a unique partner for a very large number of clients worldwide.

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Magnetic Polishers

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