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Best Quality Pliers & Cutters


Lindstrom Cutters & Pliers

Started in 1856, Lindström has set the standard inprecision tool manufacturing. As one of the oldest continuous producers of hand tools in existence today,
Lindström maintains its edge over the competition through its technical understanding, response to market needs, and commitment to advanced
technology. Metallurgy, manufacturing techniques,and tremendously skilled crafts people – particularly in the hardening of steel – are the hallmarks of this world
renowned manufacturer.

Hammers Assorted Silversmiths Stakes


Tweezers Assorted


Eyeglasses Loupes & Optivisors

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Assorted Bench Tools


Mandrils For Pendant Motor Wheels etc.


Ring Punches


Peddinghaus Silversmiths Hammers

For generations and into the future, Peddinghaus rely on trustworthy and recognized steel suppliers that they have known for many years. Furthermore, they have examined all steel that they plan to process further in detail and in advance. Their R & D department in France focuses on carefully testing new materials before they enter into production.
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