Enset Stone Setting & Engraving System

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Enset Controller

Pneumatic engraving system For engravers, jewellers, stone setters and hobbyists. • Operating gravers, beading tools, hammer tips, chisels and millgrain tools.• Working from a single hit to an adjustable frequency from 60 to 1500 hits/min.• Minimal ai...; Purchase / More info ››
PCS-800000 € 1350.00
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Ball Vise

Setter’s EnVise© holds your work securely. Solid and precise stainless steel block vise, special shape keeps pieces centred when working under a microscope. Jeweller’s EnVise© combines the ideal design and low height of our smaller vise with a larger m...; Purchase / More info ››
PAS-804000 € 365.00
£ 0
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Orbital Fixture

A specially designed holder to work on jewellery rings. It holds them in many different angles and positions, facilitating the engraving and stone setting processes.; Purchase / More info ››
PAS-801000 € 275.00
£ 0
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Inside Ring Engraver

This special tool will help you to hold your rings easily.; Purchase / More info ››
PAS-801100 € 260.00
£ 0
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Handpiece With 3 Collets

A versatile handpiece to assist engraving, stone setting, hammering, beading and other creative artistic applications. Includes : Complete EnSet© WH handpiece Handle in wood Adjusting wrenches Three striking hammers Three tool collets Plastic tool tray; Purchase / More info ››
PHS-800500 € 250.00
£ 0
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Leica A60F Microscope

Notes: Optional objective lenses, to increase the object field 0.75xThe large working distance provides sufficient space to easily use tools under the microscope0. .63x and the working distance, are sold separately. 0.5x Its large field of observation gi...; Purchase / More info ››
MI-50311 € 2350.00
£ 0
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