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Busch Carbide Pave Set

With these precisely matched, special carbide tools, perfect Pavé settings can be produced not only in gold, silver and their alloys, but also in materials which are difficult to cut, such as platinum, titanium and steel. The twist drill with short working part (BUSCH 4205S) accurately drills uniform holes within exceedingly small areas. The large choice of sizes for the round cutters (BUSCH 1AU) ensures that the rondiste always sits perfectly. Any remaining grid-like metal parts are simply removed with the new carbide saw (BUSCH 231/231F/231FL/231FXL/231FXXL).
Finally, the remaining metal parts – the chatons – are pressed into place to support the stones. These tools are also available as a complete set.

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Busch Beading Tools

You will find that the new beading tools make your work much easier. Note the perfectly shaped, highly polished calotte at the tip of the tool and the rounded edge. This brightly polished calotte presses the stones into brilliant beads for a pavee setting, giving the cut and setting their excellent and exact appearance. The length of the beading tool 2.0 can be adjusted by shortening at the predetermined breaking point. The clearly legible laser marking shows our logo and the BT size.

Busch Carbide Saw Bur

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